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Why Major in Philosophy?

While many who question the value of philosophy might want to know how it helps students advance their careers and make money, we believe that philosophy is important for a very different sort of reason.

Many of the liberal arts help students to understand the nature of a good life and of the various intrinsic goods it includes; but, of all of the liberal arts disciplines, philosophy addresses such questions most explicitly and thoroughly.

Philosophical study has great practical value as well. Statistical evidence shows that philosophy majors, nation wide, perform exceptionally well on standardized examinations such as the Graduate Management Aptitude Test, the Law School Admissions Test, and both the verbal and quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Examination. There is also evidence that philosophical training helps students to improve their lifetime income! According to PayScale.com's data, majors in philosophy tend to earn more than majors in nearly all humanities and social science disciplines.

Alumni Testimonials

Obtaining an undergraduate degree in philosophy has proven inestimable for my career as a business lawyer—a career that depends heavily on clear thinking and superior writing skills. Read more.

My study of philosophy at Trinity certainly prepared me well both for law school and for the practice of law. Read more.

The philosophy thesis was challenging and a great experience to have done prior to law school. Read more

Majoring in philosophy teaches students to read carefully; to think not just critically, but also creatively; and to hone in on questions about meaning, value, and truth that are important to "real life." Read more.

As a trial attorney, my clients call upon me daily to articulate complex ideas coherently, succinctly and with persuasion. Read more.

As a resident physician, I can say that my background in philosophy helps me every day. I think that having studied philosophy makes me a more compassionate, insightful physician with a greater understanding of the human condition. Read more.

Studying philosophy, especially with professors like Luper and Brown, has deeply influenced both my professional and personal lives. Read more.