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New Student Orientation (NSO) is a week-long celebration of all things Trinity. It's designed to make you feel right at home as a member of the newest class of Tigers. Families are also welcomed into the Trinity community during the first day and a half of NSO, and several local hotels offer Trinity rates for their stay.

NSO combines information, logistics, and fun to prepare you for a successful first semester at Trinity University. All incoming students participate in both required and optional events that enhance their social and academic development.

What is New Student Orientation?

The program is designed to take care of details like placement exams, advising, and registration, but is also geared around acquainting you with campus life, assisting you with the transition to the academic rigor of Trinity, and of course, building community among your fellow classmates. Come prepared to participate in key Trinity traditions from the start. Throughout NSO, you'll hear us reference the theme: 'Discover, Grow, Become.' We believe that you should actively seek opportunities to learn about yourself, develop, and engage in our vibrant campus life.

Preparing for NSO

New Student Orientation begins with residence hall move-in on Thursday, August 21, 2014 and continues until the first day of classes on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. Parents and families are encouraged to attend activities on August 21-22. No prior registration is required and there is no cost to attend.

What Can I Expect?

New Student Orientation (NSO) is high-energy. It's also a lot of fun! NSO is all about preparing you to be successful at Trinity University. You will learn about thriving in a college classroom, the key resources you'll have supporting you, and the ways you can get involved in co-curricular activities to enhance your campus experience. However, what you'll remember most about NSO are the classmates you'll meet and the pride you'll develop in being a Trinity Tiger.

What Should I Bring?

Attire: Dress comfortably and casually (tennis shoes are beneficial). Remember that San Antonio is hot in August! However, our air conditioning is wonderful, so layers can keep you from getting chilly indoors. Bring a dressier outfit (ex. trousers, button-down shirts, skirts or dresses) for Convocation, which is a formal event that welcomes you into our community of scholars. Check out our Pinterest board for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Supplies: At NSO, you'll be encouraged to take an active part in learning about our campus. Part of that process is being prepared to capture the quality information we'll share with you. Make sure to keep pens and a small notebook in your bag! We also recommend sunscreen, insect repellent spray, and antibacterial hand gel. 

Attitude: Be open-minded. NSO is a great time to branch out and try new things! The more engaged you are in the activities, the more students you'll meet, and the more you'll learn.

What Should I Do in Advance?

Reading TUgether: Start out on the right foot. Read the summer's Reading TUgether assignment, and complete your annotated bibliography well in advance. Procrastination is the bane of college success! 

Placement Exams: An exam already?! Have no fear. These exams will make sure you're placed in the appropriate level of Math, Chemistry, Language, and Information Technology. Find out what's required and when you should take it.

Think About Your Classes: At NSO, you'll meet with a faculty advisor to discuss your options before registering for classes. Beginning August 1, you can log into our online system to see which courses will be taught (log into Tiger's Lair and click "TigerPAWS for Students" and "registration"; here's a helpful tutorial). Think about what you'd like to take, but don't plan out your days just yet. The schedule changes as current students rearrange their classes and your faculty advisor is the subject-matter expert!

Get Connected: As soon as you are assigned a student email account, get in the habit of checking it daily. Most university correspondence is sent via email. It's never too early to follow NSO on Twitter and Tumblr (use #trinityNSO). You may want to consider downloading a QR code reader, too. Beginning August 1, please sign into TrinAlert (campus safety alerts) to set your default notification options; failure to do so will delay class registration.​

Placement Exams

Placement Exams help place you in the correct course level in certain areas of study. Not all placement exams are required, especially if you already have college credit on your academic transcript in a relevant area. The information below details when exams are taken and provides information as to who needs to take each exam.

Prior to NSO

Math Placement Exam
Dates Administered: June 10 - August 15
Who should take it?  All students; exceptions - students with earned Calculus AP credit or transfer credit from another institution
How do I take the exam? Log onto TLEARN. Under "My Courses", select Math Placement Exam.
Questions?  Contact the math [at] trinity [dot] edu (Mathematics Department).

Chemistry Placement Exam
Dates Administered:  July 7 - August 15
Who should take it?  Any student planning to take a course in Chemistry; Exceptions - student with earned 4 or 5 on AP Chemistry Exam
How do I take the exam?  Visit the Chemistry Department website. Select the "Entering New Students" link on left and log in using your Trinity username and student I.D. The time limit is 1 hour.
Questions?  Contact Dr. Steven Bachrach at steven [dot] bachrach [at] trinity [dot] edu.

During NSO

Language Placement Exam
Date Administered:  August 22
Who should take it?  For Spanish, French, German, and Chinese, this questionnaire provides the best guidance as to who needs to take the exam.  Students who have studied Latin or Ancient Greek prior to college should take the exam.
How do I take the exam?  You will take the exam during NSO.
Questions?  Contact Dr. Bladimir Ruiz at bruiz [at] trinity [dot] edu (Spanish, French, German, Chinese) or Dr. Thomas Jenkins at tjenkins [at] trinity [dot] edu (Latin, Ancient Greek).

Information Technology Skills Assessment
Dates Administered:  online, during and after NSO
Who should take it? All students
How do I take the exam?  Instructions will be emailed after fall classes begin.
Questions?  Contact Professor Ruth Jungman at rjungman [at] trinity [dot] edu.

Music Theory Placement Exam
Date Administered: August 24
Who should take it? All students seeking enrollment in the music theory course sequence. Note: This placement test is not a requirement for those who simply wish to enroll in lessons or ensembles.
How do I take the exam? You will take the exam during NSO. Please bring a pencil.
Questions? Contact Professor David Heller at dheller [at] trinity [dot] edu.

Reading TUgether

Reading TUgether is a University-wide common reading program in which the entire campus community, including students, staff, faculty, and alumni, participate. Reading TUgether is comprised of three primary components -- the book, the annotated bibliography assignment, and the keynote lecture -- each serving as complements to the other in order to facilitate a deeper exploration of the book.

This year, the selection comes from Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Raymond Bonner. Anatomy of Injustice: A Murder Case Gone Wrong tells the gripping story of a grievously mishandled murder case that put a twenty-three-year-old man on death row.

Internet/WiFi Assistance

Residential Computing Consultants (RCCs) will be hosting a Wi-Fi Session in the Student Computer Service Center (Witt-Winn 042) from 12PM to 5PM on Friday 8/22, Saturday 8/23 and Sunday 8/24. Students must bring their computer and remain present while an RCC configures the network connection.

Can't make it to the Wi-Fi Session? The Student Computer Service Center will be open in Witt-Winn 042 from 2pm to 7pm Monday through Friday every day classes are held.