David Lesch, Ph.D.

He has published numerous books, articles in leading journals in the field and chapters in books. He has had opinion essays published in The New York TimesThe Financial TimesThe Washington PostThe New York Daily NewsForeign Policy,CNN.com, and many other outlets and has been quoted in over 400 newspapers and magazines worldwide. Dr. Lesch has frequently commented on Middle East issues on local and network radio and television programs as well as such national and international broadcasts as The History Channel, Frontline on PBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, Al-Jazeera, the Australian Broadcast Company, and the Canadian Broadcast Company and he is a regular commentator on National Public Radio, Christian Science Monitor Radio, BBC and CBS Radio.

He has traveled widely in the Middle East and Europe on scholarly, business, and diplomatic endeavors, and he is a frequent consultant to various U.S. government departments. Dr. Lesch has often testified on Middle East subject matter in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House International Affairs Committee.

In addition, he has appeared at and been a consultant to the United Nations on a variety of Middle East issues, including for then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as well as the foreign ministers of The Netherlands and Spain. Dr. Lesch also met on a regular basis between 2004 and 2009 with Syrian President Bashar al-Asad and consulted with Bush and Obama administration officials on an on-going basis on US relations with Syria.

In May of 2008, Dr. Lesch was recognized by Trinity for his outstanding research with the distinguished scholarship award.

Dr. Lesch was also president of Middle East International Business Associates, Inc., a consulting company that facilitated business opportunities in the Middle East for American companies--among his clients were a number of Fortune 500 corporations. He was also the number one draft pick of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club in 1980 as a pitcher.


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