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Center for International Engagement

The Center for International Engagement fosters the sharing of international ideas and programming, broadening Trinity's global involvement and impact beyond the borders of the campus.

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The Center for International Engagement (CIE) brings together study abroad and Trinity sponsored faculty-led programs, international student and scholar services, and support for international students and faculty, as well as interdisciplinary academic programs developed in international studiesMexico, the Americas and Spain (MAS), East Asian Studies at Trinity (EAST), and Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC).

International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) serves as Trinity University’s Department of Homeland Security-approved Designated School Officials to keep Trinity University in compliance with F-1 student federal regulations. We support the academic mission of the university by serving international students, processing nonimmigrant H-1B petitions for temporary workers and by facilitating international  student retention and campus internationalization.

International Studies

The international studies major allows students to combine courses from various departments into a single interdisciplinary major or minor under the direction of faculty advisers from the participating academic departments. Students select from seven concentrations including African studies, East Asian studies, European studies, Latin American and Latino studies, Middle East studies, international affairs, and international environmental studies.

Languages Across the Curriculum 

Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) provides an avenue for students to apply their language skills in fields not traditionally the focus of modern language department curricula. Students learn the vocabulary, terminology, and concepts used in academic or professional disciplines in the target language and also read from scholarly or professional works published in that language.

East Asian Studies at Trinity

East Asian Studies at Trinity (EAST) is Trinity University’s response to the increasing importance of the Pacific community of nations in American national life. EAST promotes understanding of the histories and cultures of East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea) through language learning and disciplinary studies across the University’s departments.

An Image of Carlos Alvarez, pictured with Danny Anderson, and his wife Malu sponsor the annual MAS Alvarez Seminar.

Mexico, the Americas, and Spain

The Mexico, the Americas, and Spain (MAS) program provides Trinity students with unique, unparalleled opportunities for engagement with language, life, and culture of the region, while reaching out to the rich and diverse community in San Antonio and beyond.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Program is dedicated to helping students develop their understanding of international issues in a complex world through study options that promote intercultural learning as an integral part of a Trinity undergraduate degree.  Students are individually advised and guided into quality institutions and partner programs best suited to each student’s academic, personal, and professional goals and for which the student is qualified.  In addition, the Program works with Trinity faculty to develop, promote, resource, and support a portfolio of Trinity’s own programs that merge with the Trinity curriculum and provide high quality international experiences for students in every discipline.