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Advising Programs

Advising programs assist students who plan to attend law school, medical school, or enter health professions. Students are encouraged to pursue degrees of their choice while also taking the courses necessary for entrance into these schools or professions after graduation.

Advising Programs

Pre-Law Advising

Since there is no defined program of pre-law courses at Trinity, the pre-law advising program seeks to prepare students interested in law school for the process of applying and gaining admittance. The program encourages students to learn about law school, the practice of law, and about required skills like research, negotiation, and mediation.

Since admission to law school is determined mainly by undergraduate grade point average and the score on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), the pre-law advising program assists students in achieving high marks on both. Extracurricular activities should be a part of an applicant's college experience, and recommendations may be required, but only in marginal cases do they influence admissions decisions.

Pre-Medical and Health Professions Advising

Trinity's pre-medical and health professions advising program provides resources and advising to members of the Trinity community who are considering graduate school in medical or health professions. The program assists students in understanding and meeting professional school expectations, preparation requirements, and the application processes.

The program also provides substantial on- and off-campus opportunities to help students excel in their studies and explore the professional health world. Through close faculty-student undergraduate research, experiential learning classes, study abroad, and volunteer opportunities at San Antonio medical facilities,the resources of the health professions advising program helps students prepare for future careers and be ready to apply as competitive applicants when the time comes.