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Trinity University has a long history of preparing students to pursue law or law-related careers. Legal training is the foundation for success in a variety of careers. While most law school graduates enter traditional areas of law, there are significant opportunities in other areas including public affairs and business management.

Trinity's graduates enter many of the nation's leading law schools, including the University of Texas, Harvard University, the University of Chicago, Cornell University, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Boalt School of Law, Georgetown University, Stanford, Southern Methodist University, Baylor University, Vanderbilt University, Duke University, and New York University.  A significant number of Trinity graduates have also obtained financial assistance from these schools.

Courses and Program Options

Trinity adheres to the policy of the American Association of Law Schools in providing a wide variety of courses and program options for the student intending to enter law school.

The association also recommends a general curriculum in any major that develops three basic skills or insights:

  1. Facility in written and verbal communication
  2. Critical understanding of the human institutions and values with which the law deals
  3. Creative power of thinking and logical reasoning

Students are advised to sample a variety of disciplines and choose a major in which they have a keen interest. Students are encouraged to solicit advice from their adviser or a member of the Pre-Law Advisory Committee regarding courses and strategies for applying to law school. They should take courses that help them understand institutions, organizations, social relationships, and economics from which legal issues arise. Classes should be chosen that relate to the development of skills required in legal analysis.  Courses that emphasize moral and value issues are also recommended.

Most students take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) in June after their junior year or in early October of their senior year.  The entire application process is usually completed by January in the senior year.


Based on the advice of several law school deans of admissions, Trinity University does not offer a set pre-law curriculum. Any major or combination of majors will prepare a student for law school. There is no preference for one major over another.  Choices in undergraduate majors are generally related to a student's interest in specific aspects of law.

Supporting Programs

Trinity University offers the pre-law student support and assistance through the following:

  1. Trinity pre-law society provides information, advice, guest speakers, and social activities.
  2. Pre-Law Advisory Committee maintains relationships with many law schools, the regional pre-law association (SWAPLA), and commercial tutorial programs that help students prepare for the Law School Admissions Test.
  3. Internships in law or law-related fields are available through a number of departments.
  4. Trinity assists its graduates in obtaining entrance to the law schools or graduate programs of their choice.