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EAST: East Asian Studies at Trinity

Trinity's unique EAST program is a multifaceted program that prepares students for life in the Pacific century. Through a combination of language training, in-country experiences, internships, and formal exchange programs, EAST grooms future leaders in business, government, science, and education to be comfortable and confident in the global environment.

The EAST Program is academically secured by two endowed professorships and is anchored by one of the largest undergraduate Chinese language programs in the nation. Its Bachelor of Science in Chinese studies is one of the most distinctive programs in the United States. EAST administers the Trinity in China language program in Shanghai as well as formal exchange programs and internships with universities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. 

Trinity is an active member of the ASIANetwork, a group of colleges and universities that supports study abroad, faculty development, publication, and fundraising. The EAST Program also administers the Shanghai Program – a faculty-led summer program at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai; China in the City program – a pre-service teacher-training program that sends student interns to Hong Kong every summer; and the Ecological Civilization in China Program – a faculty-led program in its inaugural year. This breadth and depth establishes Trinity as a leader among liberal arts colleges with East Asia programs.

Graduates are culturally prepared to conduct business, practice their professions, and help shape U.S. policy and political relations in a region that is home to a quarter of the world's population with burgeoning clout in the 21st century.