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Financial Aid & Graduate Assistantships

Trinity University offers a number of different sources of financial aid, including graduate assistantships, academic scholarships, grants, and low-interest student loans.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are 24-hour per week work opportunities for both first and second year students. These assistantships are at school, community or university sites and involve school psychology career related tasks. Students are awarded seven hours of tuition each semester and a $400 per month stipend for this work. If the site is outside Bexar County, an additional $200 per month is provided for transportation costs. Stipends are awarded monthly (September–May).

An application for a graduate assistantship is submitted with the program admission application. Almost all students participate in an assistantship.

The amount of aid and shared requirements include:

Amount of Aid:

  • Full tuition for 14 hours and receives a monthly stipend of $400. Student is responsible for 24 hours of career related work per week.

Graduate assistantships provide important training and experience in skills related to school psychology practices, including the demonstration of professional characteristics. 

Explanation of Fees

The Gela Grote West School Psychology Award

  • The Gela Grote West School Psychology Award is given to two students in the spring semester of internship — selected by faculty and supervisors as excelling in psychological evaluation skills. This award is a monetary prize.


Graduate students may meet with one of Trinity’s financial aid officers to explore student loans and other funding options. More information can be found at Student Financial Services.