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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Trinity University offers a number of different sources of aid to help defray the cost of tuition for students with demonstrated financial need. Various aid sources listed below may be combined.

Sources of aid include:

  • In partnership with SAISD, 14 CEP Fellowships will be awarded for the 2018-19 year to applicants seeking elementary, secondary, or music certification. Fellowships include a $25,000 tuition scholarship structured as a forgivable loan, a part-time paraprofessional salary of $15,000 including benefits, funding to complete Gifted & Talented certification, and a three-year teaching commitment with SAISD upon successful completion of the MAT program and state certification. 
  • Endowed University scholarships, offered to undergraduate students who have distinguished scholastic records or special talent or skill in specific areas. The majority of scholarships are awarded based solely on achievement; however a few are based on a combination of achievement and financial need.
  • Trinity University is one of 11 universities in Texas selected to partner with Raising Texas Teachers for the Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers. MAT applicants chosen as Teaching Fellows receive $10,000, ongoing training and development opportunities, mentorship from public school educators, and involvement in a statewide aspiring teachers network.
  • Forgivable loans, which are available to working teachers after graduation who meet certain criteria related to length of service, teaching field, and/or teaching in a school serving students from low income families.
  • The Franklin Lindsay Student Aid Fund, a non-profit foundation, makes low-interest loans to undergraduate and graduate students attending Texas colleges. 
  • Trinity offers graduate assistantships, need-based assistance, and assistance with alternative loan options.

The education department is committed to meeting the financial need of all students and reducing our students' overall loan indebtedness.

For more information, contact the education department at 210-999-7501.