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Program Accountability

The Department of Education at Trinity University is committed to excellence and continuous improvement of programs to maintain the highest levels of teacher preparation. To do so, the Department regularly collects and analyzes data from a variety of stakeholders, including students, alumni, faculty, and employers. This is combined with state and national assessment data to identify patterns and direct program improvement. Links to the most current data are found below. 

Educator Preparation Programs
Click here for a list of approved Educator Preparation Programs in Texas. 

State Program Compliance Audit
Click here for a link to Trinity University’s most recent state program compliance audit by the Texas Education Agency in 2009.

Complaint Policy 
Click here for Trinity University's Statement Regarding Grievances/Complaints.

In accordance with Texas Education Agency policies, all Educator Preparation Programs must notify their candidates and the public that teaching positions are more difficult to secure in districts along the I-35 corridor in Texas due to the number of teacher preparation programs providing candidates within those educational markets. Trinity University lies within the I-35 corridor definition, but has experienced a very high rate of employment of its graduates as evidenced by the job placement rates listed above. See our Job Placement Rates.

Teacher Education Advisory Council 
The Teacher Education Advisory Council (TEAC) is a collaborative group of stakeholders that provide guidance and expertise to the educator preparation program. Members include representatives from local schools and districts, higher education, Region 20 Education Service Center, and San Antonio business and community. Learn more about the council.