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Green Leaf Courses

Students interested in an Environment/Sustainability Across the Curriculum (ESAC) certification have the opportunity to study the wide-ranging, interdisciplinary, environment/sustainability questions through a variety of courses while they pursue any major at Trinity. The program offers a certification as a supplement to traditional majors and minors.

"Green Leaf" courses for Environment/Sustainability Across the Curriculum (ESAC) Certification

Students earn the certification by successfully completing a minimum of five "Green Leaf" courses accepted by the program. "Green Leaf" courses are noted in the class schedules in the text under the course title.

At least one class of the five must be taken from each of the three categories:

 1. Sciences and Engineering
 2. Humanities and Arts
 3. Social Sciences and Business

Green Leaf courses counting toward certification:

1. Sciences and Engineering:
BIOL 1307 Biological Impact and Issues
BIOL 1311 Integrative Biology I
BIOL 3391 La Biodiversidad y Conservación de México
BIOL 3427 Plant Biology
BIOL 3434 Ecology
BIOL 4351 Conservation Biology
CHEM 3321 Inorganic Chemistry
ENGR 2359 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
GEOS 1304 Environmental Geology
GEOS 1307 Exploring Earth
GEOS 3300 Oceanography
GEOS 3411 Hydrology
PHYS 1303 The Earth's Changing Environment
PHYS 3348 Atmospheric Physics
2. Humanities and Arts
ARTH 3352 Nineteenth-Century Architecture and Urbanism
ARTH 3364 Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism
ARTH 3365 Contemporary Architecture
CLAS 1304 Introduction to Archaeology of the Aegean, Classical, and Roman Worlds
CMLT 2301 World Literature and the Environment
ENGL 3365 Nineteenth-Century British Poetry
ENGL 3371 American Literature of the Nineteenth Century: Realism and Naturalism
HIST 3337 Technology and Culture
HIST 3344 Modern Brazil
HIST 3382 The City in History (also listed as URBS 3304)
ML&L 3342 The Peoples of Russia
URBS 3304 The City in History (also listed as HIST 3382)
3. Social Sciences and Business:
ANTH 1301 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 2357 Humans and the Environment
ANTH 3367 South American Indigenous Peoples: Conquest and Development
ANTH 3364 Economic Anthropology
ANTH 4354 Seminar on Primatology
ECON 3330 Economics and the Environment (also listed as URBS 3330)
PLSI 1332 Film, Literature, and Politics of the Third World
PLSI 1341 The Individual in World Politics
PLSI 3346 Geography and World Politics
PLSI 3349 Special Topic: Energy & the Environment
SOCI 4362 Globalization and International Development
SOCI 1316 Places and Regions in Global Context (also listed as URBS 1316)
SOCI 3340 Urban Geography (also listed as URBS 3340)
URBS 1310 Urbanization: Concepts & Realities
URBS 1316 Places and Regions in Global Context (also listed as SOCI 1316)
URBS 3330 Economics and the Environment (also listed as ECON 3330)
URBS 3340 Urban Geography (also listed as SOCI 3340)
Additional Green Leaf Courses:
ENVI 1301 Introduction to the Environment
ENVI 1405 Environmental Science Methods and Analysis
GNED 1306 Energy and Society

When first-year seminars and writing workshops have topics related to environment/sustainability, or when departments offer a relevant "special topics" or "variable content" course, the Faculty Advisory Committee may approve such courses for inclusion within the ESAC certification program.

No more than two courses can be in the student's major.