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Department of Geosciences

Trinity University's department of geosciences brings the tools of physics, chemistry, biology, computational science, and mathematics to bear on the understanding of Earth, our home planet. Our goal is to allow each student to develop a thorough understanding of Earth systems and their transformation through time.

We offer core courses in the fundamentals of geosciences as well as specialized courses including volcanology, geographic information systems, remote sensing, geophysics and hydrology, and our majors enhance their studies with supporting coursework in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics. A holistic understanding of geosciences also includes the exploration for, and conservation of, natural resources as well as the impact that humans have had, and will have, on the Earth.

Field work is stressed in all appropriate classes at all levels. The combination of climate and the geographic and geologic setting of San Antonio provides students with many opportunities to develop their geologic education and skills in the field.