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Alumni & Careers

Our graduates have been to the ocean floor in the submersible Alvin, commanded spacecraft imaging the moons of Jupiter, detected the explosions on the Soviet submarine Kursk using military seismic networks, installed seismic instruments in Antarctica and starred in a Discovery Science Channel special on dinosaur paleontology.


Our graduates pursue careers in an amazing variety of professions. These include petroleum geology, environmental geology, university faculty, geography, environmental law, K-12 teaching, medicine, gemology, CIA, FBI, EPA, working for the U.S.Geological Survey and national research labs, manufacturing artificial bone, investment banking, hotel management, adventure tours, software engineering, web development, homebuilding and many more.

Alumni Profiles

Rock Solid

Annell Bay ’77 is now the Americas regional exploration vice president for Shell E&P but she has a different spin on what made her Trinity experience unique.

Living Green Inside the Beltway

Ana Unruh Cohen '96 serves as the senior policy adviser for global warming in Washington D.C. She says the position gives her the opportunity to raise the issue and to make recommendations to Congress. Ana received her degree in chemistry.

Beneath The Surface

Martín Schwed ’12 is a technical geophysicist with the Chevron Corporation in Houston. He currently works in the Deepwater Exploration & Projects Business Unit and primarily focuses on the Gulf of Mexico. In partnership with geologists and engineers, Schwed builds intricate digital models of the Gulf’s subsurface to locate possible accumulations of oil and gas. 


A career in the geosciences can involve working for a governmental agency, a university, an environmental consulting firm, a resource-based industry such as the oil industry or a mining company, or many other types of companies. It might involve an advanced degree in geosciences or a professional degree such as a law degree.

What can I do with a degree in geosciences?

Starting salaries in geosciences range from $50,000 to $100,000 depending upon degree level and experience. For more information regarding salaries and careers in geosciences visit: U.S. Department of Labor and the American Geological Institute.

Many careers in the geosciences require a graduate degree. For professional geologists, the "entry-level" degree has traditionally been the M.S. degree, but increasing emphasis is being placed on the Ph.D. Our graduates have outstanding success in gaining admission to and financial support for graduate programs.

Some of our graduates directly enter the working world with companies such as geophysical software support companies and environmental consulting firms. Many of them decide to attend graduate school after working for some time. They are as successful in gaining admission—with comprehensive financial aid packages—as those students who directly enter graduate school upon completing their bachelor's degrees.