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Program of Study

The On-Campus Program, including coursework and the Administrative Residency, usually takes a little over two years (28 months) to complete.

Course Sequence

A typical course sequence follows: 

Fall: First Year
HCAD 5220 Statistical Analysis in Health Care Organizations
HCAD 5221 Operations Management in Health Care Organizations
HCAD 5310 Health Services Organization and Policy
HCAD 5383 Health Care Institutional Management
HCAD 5390 Professional Development and Leadership
Spring: First Year
HCAD 5102 Physicians and Physician Relations
HCAD 5290 Coaching and Public Speaking
HCAD 5311 Populations, Policy and Innovation
HCAD 5313 Economic Aspects of Health Care Administration
HCAD 5340 Health Care Strategic Planning and Marketing
HCAD 5351 Financial Management I
Summer: First Year
HCAD 5380 Health Care Human Resources Management
HCAD 5387 Health Information and Data Analytics
HCAD 5395 Health Care Performance Improvement
Fall: Second Year
HCAD 5202 Clinical Decision Making
HCAD 5333 Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration
HCAD 5350 Seminar in Current Health Care Issues
HCAD 5353 Financial Management II
HCAD 5365 Leadership and Conflict Management
Spring through Fall:
HCAD 6201, 6202, 6203 Administrative Residency -2 credit hours per semester


For more information and a description of each class please vist the COSB website.