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Program of Study

The distance learning format allows busy professionals the flexibility to manage their work schedules and study time without the constraints of attending a class on a daily basis.

Learning Format

Learning and interaction are facilitated by using the Internet, e-mail, and teleconferencing. Each course will include approximately five teleconferencing sessions of two hours each.

Courses begin each fall, spring and summer semester with three days of intensive on-campus study. Once students leave the Trinity University campus, they are required to participate in regular class teleconferencing sessions (typically, one teleconference every three weeks).

Executive Program students need to be motivated, self-directed and goal-oriented. Because of the compact structure of the program, students are admitted once a year in the fall and, typically, advance as a cohort through the program. Students in the Executive Program learn to rely on their classmates, who may be living all over the United States.

Course Sequence

First Year, Fall Semester

HCAI 5220 Statistical Analysis in Health Care Organizations- 2 hrs.
HCAI 5330 Health Services Organization & Policy- 3 hrs.
HCAI 5233 Project Management- 2 hrs.

First Year, Spring Semester

HCAI 5221 Health Care Management- 2 hrs.
HCAI 5231 Health Care Organization Theory and Management- 2 hrs.
HCAI 5301 Finance I- 3hrs.

First Year, Summer Semester

HCAI 5340 Managerial Epidemiology- 3 hrs.
HCAI 5353 Finance II- 3hrs.

Second Year, Fall Semester

HCAI 5351 Professional Development & Leadership- 3 hrs.
HCAI 5356 Seminar in Strategic Planning & Marketing- 3 hrs.

Second Year, Spring Semester

HCAI 5313 Economic Aspects of Health Care Administration- 3hrs.
HCAI 5360 Leadership II- 3 hrs.
HCAI 5395 Performance Improvement in Health Care Organizations- 3hrs.

Second Year, Summer Semester

HCAI 5333 Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration- 3hrs.
HCAI 5380 Health Care Human Resources Management- 3 hrs.


For more information and a description of each class please vist the COSB website.

Health Care Adminstration Executive Program Policy on Identity and Security (pdf)