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HUMA, short for the Humanities, is Trinity's flagship program in the study of Western culture and ideas. Focusing on"Readings from Western Cultures" and "Further Readings in Western Culture," HUMA is one of the most rewarding offerings on campus.

HUMA 1600, "Readings from Western Cultures"

Humanities 1600, "Readings from Western Cultures," is offered to students in the fall of their freshman year and centers on fundamental texts, issues, and debates in the history of Western culture from Homer to Saint Augustine.

Over the course of the semester, students become familiar with central texts of the Western tradition and become effective speakers and writers, skilled at engaging in productive dialogue and presenting their own interpretations, grounded in careful analysis, in a clear and persuasive manner. HUMA 1600 thus prepares students for both their later career at Trinity and beyond by giving them the skills needed to present their ideas elegantly and convincingly. Former students praise HUMA 1600 for improving their ability to write and to think critically, as well as for improving their performance in other courses. HUMA alumni go on to a broad variety of majors and careers in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Course enrollment is strictly limited to between 7 and 8 sections of 15 students each and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

HUMA 2301, "Further Readings in Western Culture"

With HUMA 2301, interested HUMA 1600 alumni have the opportunity to continue their study of foundational Western texts by reading a range of works (including literary, religious, philosophical, and political texts) that date from the early modern era to the present.  Since professors from a variety of humanistic disciplines take turns teaching sections of HUMA 2301, the course's reading list and central theme(s) change regularly (see under Spring Course for this year's syllabus).

HUMA 2301 focuses on the intellectual heritage of the post-classical world (from the Renaissance to the present). It involves readings from primary texts (literary, religious, philosophical, and political) and discussion of ideas in the texts both orally and in writing.  All sections share a common theme, syllabus and readings.

HUMA 1600 is a prerequisite for HUMA 2301. HUMA 2301 is offered each spring and fulfills the requirements for a course in the Cultural Heritage section of the Common Curriculum.


Participants may also choose to join an affiliated residential learning community, the HUMA Hall, which allows students to live with others sharing similar interests and reading and discussing the same books. Students who wish to live in this optional residence hall must select the HUMA 1600 option on their housing form, accessible via the Tiger's Lair portal.