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"It's like a liberal arts boot camp, except it's fun." HUMA alumni agree: the HUMA courses have proven to be valuable assets throughout their Trinity careers and beyond. HUMA hones the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to succeed on campus and in careers.

"HUMA for me has been a wonderful asset; I use the writing techniques that I learned in WW while taking HUMA to write all of my papers.  I enjoy making classical references and sounding much smarter than I actually am, and I enjoy being able to think about books within their cultural context, as we did in HUMA." Class of 2013

"Being successful in HUMA practically ensures being successful at Trinity regardless of what you major in or what your post-graduate plans are. It's like liberal arts boot camp, except it's fun."  Class of 2012

"At the time I enjoyed HUMA but didn't fully understand how much it helped me. Later in my career at Trinity, I learned how much it helped me with critical thinking, and I really began to fully appreciate what I learned and the texts that we read." Class of 2011

"HUMA really is a valuable class here at Trinity.  It stretched and improved my writing skills so much, and I am so happy that I chose to take it.  Even though it was difficult, especially when there was a lot due and I wasn't prepared for it very well my first semester, I LOVED it." Class of 2013

"I thought it was a valuable and challenging experience, and you'll never know what you're missing if you don't take it." Class of 2013

"Aside from the excellent writing instruction, HUMA is a great way to make friends, especially if students live on the HUMA hall.  Some of my best friends are the people with whom I lived and worked throughout the course." Class of 2013