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International Studies Colloquium

Trinity University’s International Studies Program and Center for International Engagement present the Spring 2016 International Studies Colloquium.

Issues in the Contemporary Muslim World
and their historical background

Tuesdays,beginning Jan. 26
3:50 to 6:30 p.m., Northrup Hall Rm 040

UNESCO has declared 2016 the International Year of Global Understanding. We need that understanding now, more than ever, as opposing sects clash in the Middle East, ISIS seeks to establish a caliphate and instigates global terrorist acts, and masses of people risk their lives to escape the ravages of civil war.

To what extent do these events affect U.S. and international security? How is religion used to justify political ends? Have the majority of the world’s Muslims been unfairly stigmatized? How are all faiths equally endangered by intolerance?

Join us for an ongoing discussion of these and other questions.


February 2

"Brief History of the Muslim World, from the Time of Mohammed to the End of the Empire"
Professor Noori and Professor Le Coat

February 9

"Demystifying the Idea of a Monolithic Islam: Different Sects, Different Schools of Jurisprudence, Different Practices"
Professor Noori and Professor Le Coat

February 23

Key Figures and Organizations of Political Islam in the Modern Era
Professor Habiba Noor, Professor Noori and Professor Le Coat

March 1

"Pakistan and the Ideal of a Muslim Nation"
Professor Naqvi

March 8

"The Iranian Revolution"
Professor Siavoshi

March 22

“The Mirage of Political Islam and other Issues: an Informal Chat”
Mustapha Tlili, Tunisian novelist and research scholar at New York University, founder and director, N.Y.U. Center for Dialogues Islamic World-U.S.-the West, Professors Noori and Le Coat moderators.

March 29


April 5

"The Slow Fix: Conflict Resolution and the Syria Civil War"
Professor Davis Lesch, History, Trinity University

April 12

"Isis and its Digital Presence"
Professor Ruqaaya Yasmine Khan, Mohannad Malas Chair in Islamic Studies, Department of Religion, Claremont Graduate University and Sarah Tomerlin, Trinity alumna and M.A. Candidate, Claremont Graduate University

April 19

Islam and Human Rights
Professor Hina Azam, U.T., Austin, and Professor Noori, Professor Siavoshi, Professor Habiba Noor, Professor Naqvi, Moderator: Professor Le Coat

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