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Student Experience

The International Studies program believes students have much to learn outside of the classroom and gives them the opportunity to participate in a wide range of experiences. The program allows for students to spend part of their college career in another country, immersed in another language and culture. Internships can also be a part of the academic program, both nationally and internationally.


International Studies majors may receive up to three hours of credit for off-campus work experiences related to the study of international issues. Students should meet with their academic adviser or the International Studies Program Director to explore opportunities and identify appropriate experiences.

Through Trinity's Mexico, the Americas, and Spain (MAS) program, students can apply for a $1,000 subsidy to create a paid internship in San Antonio. To apply for the internship stipend, students must submit a letter to the MAS Executive Committee that identifies the proposed internship organization, supervisor and contact information, job duties, relevant personal/educational experience/qualifications, proposed work schedule, and educational and/or career objectives that will be enhanced by the internship. To receive the $1,000 stipend, students must complete 150 hours of internship work (10 hours a week for 15 weeks typically).

Recent internships have been completed at:

Study Abroad

Students can study abroad as a part of their degree in many different countries around the world. Trinity's Study Abroad program works with each interested student to find the program or foreign institution that best suits that student's academic, personal, and professional goals. Study abroad can provide unique opportunities for academic internships, academic field study, intensive language study, or a combination of all of these.

To participate, visit the Study Abroad Office in your first semester at Trinity to begin long-range planning. Detailed advising begins a year before you intend to go abroad. Students who want to study abroad for a semester or academic year should file an Intent to Study Abroad form by December 1st of the previous year. (Summer study is exempt.) The Trinity deadline for submission of all applications is October 25 (for Spring) and March 25 (for Summer, Fall, and Academic Year). Some programs and institutions have earlier deadlines.