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LAC Courses are offered through the international studies department and listed on Tiger Paws as INTL.

Course Offerings Include:

INTL 3101 - La economía mexicana (The Mexican Economy)
An examination of the most significant contemporary issues affecting the economic life of Mexico.

INTL 3104 - La experiencia latina en los Estados Unidos (The U.S. Latino Experience)
An examination of the historical experience and the culturial expression of the Latino population of the United States.

INTL 3107 - La telenovela en América Latina (The Latin American Soap Opera)
An examination of the Latin American telenovela, or soap opera.

INTL 3110 - La música popular latinoamericana (Latin American Popular Music)
A study of Latin American cultura through popular music.

INTL 3111 - Narody Rossii (The Peoples of Russia)
A companion course to ML&L 3342, which introduces Russian culture from medieval through modern times.

INTL 3112 - Shangye Zhongwen (The Practice of Business in China)
A study of cultural concepts and customs that have influenced contemporary Chinese business practices and behaviors.

INTL 3114 - Zhongguo Gudai Sixiang (Classical Chinese Thought)
A study of traditional Chinese thought as manifested in the language of selected classical texts of history, philosophy, poetry, and religion.

INTL 3117 - Teorii I iskusstvo russkogo avangarda (Theories and Art of the Russian Avant-Garde)
A companion course to ARTH 3362, which is a survey of the main artistic movements and artists in Russia from 1880-1930.

INTL 3118 Historia, resistencia y rebellión en la música chicana (History, Resistance, and Rebellion in Chicana/o Music)
A study of the important historical events and issues of resistance against racism, classism, and the economic exploitation of Chicanas and Chicanos.

INTL 3119 - Identidades juveniles en Latinoamérica: Música contemporanea y expresiones artísticas urbanas (Youth Identities in Latin America: Contemporary Music and Urban Artistic Expression)
This course will emphasize how contemporary music from different Latin American singers (or groups) and popular arts play a significant role in the process through which youth cultures configure their worlds.

INTL 3120 - La historia cultural del baile latinamericano (The Cultural History of Latin American Dance)
An examination of the cultural influences on contemporary Latin American dance.

INTL 3121 - Las matematicás en las ciencias socials (Mathematics in the Social Sciences)
This course will examine a number of concepts, tools, and methods useful for modeling problems in the social sciences.

INTL 3122 - Faust - auf Deutsch (Faust - In German)
A companion course to ML&L 3320, which deals with major German figures and movements in the context of Western literary, political, and cultural history.

INTL 3124 - L'histoire française: un parcours cinématographique (French History through Film)
Moving chronologically through the centuries, this course will explore key historical moments in French culture through film.

INTL 3125 - Russian Basics: Language and Culture for Non-Specialists
This course offers an introduction to Russian language and culture to non-specialists.

INTL 3133 - La República Dominicana: Una introducción (An introduction to the Dominican Republic)
An introduction to the Dominican Republic, this course includes information on the history, politics, economy, society, literature, arts, and culture of the island nation.

INTL 3134 - Culture, Identity, and Language in Contemporary Brazil
In this course we will critically examine iconic representation of Brazilian identity.

INTL 3308 - Una breve historia de América Latina en el siglo XX a traves de su música popular (A Concise 20th Century History of Latin America Through its Popular Music)
This 3-hour regular course will survey major events and characters that have shaped Latin American history in the 20th century using musical renditions deeply rooted in the collective memory of Latin Americans.

INTL 3340 - Haciendo negocios en Latinoamérica (Doing Business in Latin America)
This course is both a language and an applied business course. On the language part, it is intended to increase the Spanish proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking. The other aspect of the course includes a thorough understanding of cultural, political, and economic aspects of the Latin American business environment.

INTL 3343 - Relaciones fronterizas México-Estados Unidos (bilingüe) 
In this seminar we will examine a variety of social, cultural, political, and economic phenomena that characterize the Mexico-United States border region.

INTL 3346 - La economía española y la Unión Europea (The Spanish Economy and the European Union) 
An examination of Spain's economic development and its position within the European Union.

INTL 3372 Práctica profesional en España (Internship in Spain)
A supervised summer internship in Spain.

INTL 4130 - Quanqiu Shangwu Wenhua-Zhong-Mei Jiadoian (Global Business Culture)
A companion course to BUSN/CHIN 3330, which examines the diverse business culture in China in comparison to that in other countries, particularly in the United States.