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Costa Rica Ecology

Few places in the world contain as much ecological diversity in a relatively small area as Costa Rica. Its complex systems have fostered the evolutionary development of many unique species set in a constantly changing landscape.  Students in the Costa Rican Ecology Program will spend a month surveying and sampling a variety of mammals while studying the physical and cultural differences of the country from sea level rainforests to high elevation cloud forests.

Qualified students (BIOL 2413 and CHEM 1318/1118 are prerequisites) have an opportunity for a summer experience that is unlike any other. 
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  • BIOL 3440 - Costa Rican Ecology: Monitoring Changing Distribution (4 TU course credits)
  • *This program satisfies the Global Awareness course requirement of the Trinity University Pathways Curriculum.

"Ultimately, the Costa Rican Ecology study abroad program allowed me to gain experience researching in a field environment, get a glimpse of unique ecosystems with almost unparalleled biodiversity, and visit a beautiful country that I had never explored before in much greater depth than a simple vacation could ever allow." - Andrea Nebhut '20