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Many of Trinity's physics and astronomy graduates pursue advanced degrees with the intention of becoming professional physicists or astronomers. Some go on to teach or work in industry immediately after graduation as engineers, analysts, and educators.

Trinity is proud of the achievements of its alumni and likes to keep up with their work, life and ongoing educational experiences. If you graduated with a physics and astronomy degree, feel free to Physics [at] (contact the department) and let us know what you've been up to. To see a complete list of alumni please visit the alumni page on inside.Trinity.

Physics majors

2013 Graduates

  • Colin Fitzgerald heads a tutoring service.
  • Santona Tuli is teaching in Bangladesh.
  • Junyi Wang is at North American Development Bank in San Antonio.

2012 Graduates

  • Allyson Ducey has a short-term teaching position and is active with a local theater company.
  • Bryce Harlow is a technical analyst at Forge Energy.
  • Gareth Jones is working on a Ph.D. in astrophysics at New Mexico Tech.
  • Ethan Rudd is employed at computer security firm and working on master's degree at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.
  • David Shope is a Ph.D. student in physics at University of Oklahoma.
  • Adam Sibley is a Ph.D. student in medical physics at University of Chicago.
  • Ian White is a Ph.D. student in physics at Rice.

2011 Graduates

  • Timothy Amen is a Ph.D. student in physics at Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Crosby Burdon is conducting research in computational astrophysics at Trinity.
  • Daniel Cantilo works for engineering firm in Austin.
  • Quentin Funk is a  Ph.D. student in math at Rice.
  • Afton Geil won NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and is a Ph.D. student in engineering at University of California at Davis.
  • Andrea Katz, Outstanding Graduating Senior in Physics, won the Wagner Prize and an  NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and is a Ph.D. student in applied physics at Cornell.
  • Ulises Pastran is getting a master's in engineering at Sheffield University (UK).
  • Paurakh Rajbhandary is a Ph.D. student in engineering at Stanford.

Physics graduates in high school teaching

In recent years, we have had a steady stream of talented physics majors who have made substantial commitments to high school teaching or, in fact, chosen high school teaching for their careers. We are always excited to hear of new students with interest in teaching careers, and we encourage students to consider a career in physics teaching, for which there is strong national demand.

Abbey Drake '11
Noyce Scholarship; Future Educator Award; Master of Arts in Teaching at Trinity

Nick Polito '10
Noyce Scholarship; Future Educator Award; completed Master of Arts in Teaching at Trinity in 2011.