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International Experiences

Along with numerous options for studying abroad, the School of Business encourages students to take advantage of other international business opportunities. From studying Chinese business in Shanghai to interning at businesses in Madrid, students have many valuable ways to apply their business knowledge across the globe.

Globalization, Economic, and Political Development

Case Studies in Vietnam and Cuba

Business, economics, and political science students at Trinity have the opportunity to join Trinity faculty in cross-country travel exploring global and political climates in Vietnam and Cuba. This three-week course alternates travel to Cuba or Vietnam every year, where students and faculty cover all aspects of economic development, north to south and east to west. Students engage in discourse with leaders of nonprofit organizations, business owners and entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and human rights activists to develop a thorough understanding of these countries' emerging economies. Comparing the history and culture of geographical regions, students also seek to answer why some areas have opened themselves to the world's economic influence, while others have remained local and authentic.

Participation in the trip requires course enrollment in BUSN 3390, ECON 4397, or PLSI 3339, where students can earn 3 hours of upper-division business, economics, or political science credit toward their degree.

The Spanish Economy and the European Union

A Summer in Madrid, Spain

For business students considering work in Spanish markets, Trinity's Summer in Madrid (part of the Mexico, Americas, and Spain [MAS] program) offers full immersion in Spanish culture and business practice. For six weeks, students hold internships at businesses across Madrid while living with host families.

Seen as a gate to European Union dynamics, Spain is the ideal setting for students to experience first-hand the shaping of the E.U. Students are exposed to business decisions that impact not only Spanish and Latin American marketplaces, but define the economic and political future of the E.U. In past trips, students have met in private with Spain’s former President José María Aznar, and have worked in top agencies, corporations, and other influential business.

Visit the MAS web page to learn more about the Summer in Madrid.

Shanghai Faculty-Led Summer Program at Jiao Tong University

The summer program at Jiao Tong University covers diverse topics relevant to the economic relationship between China and the U.S., including public policy and governance, international trade, the Chinese currency system, and the growth of China and its growing influence in the international sphere. We discuss the political repercussions of the rise of China, particularly in the context of the multilayered relationship between the U.S. and the so-called "Middle Kingdom."

As the center of gravity of the world moves east, it is essential to understand China in order to understand today’s globalized economy. Program participants experience the day-to-day realities of government regulations, business policies and practices in China, building knowledge of Chinese government, its economy and complex political climate. Students note that it's a great way to break out of the Trinity, San Antonio, and Texas "bubbles" in order to "learn something about yourself you wouldn't have learned otherwise."

Participants earn 6 credit hours in BUSN, CHIN, ECON, PLSI, or URBS, and the program counts as study abroad experience and to fulfill the international internship requirement of the international business concentration. The two-track program offers an applied field-work research track or an internship track in the field of your choice.

Visit the EAST web page for more information about enrolling in the Shanghai Summer Program.

International Business Summer School-Beijing

The International Business Summer School (IBSS) 2015 is designed for business students to have hands-on experience beyond classroom activities. Here are some unique features about this program:

  • working in multinationals with executives three days a week for six weeks;
  • visiting four more multinationals from different countries (Coca Cola Beijing, Yili Dairy; Hyundai Motor; American Chamber of Commerce);
  • partnering up with Chinese postgraduate students to conduct research: interview local consumers about global brands, local substitutes and counterfeits; The student partners will provide you with opportunities of intensive cultural learning, and research expertise;
  • interacting with local artists in addition to be exposed to many other diverse cultural activities;
  • Completing BUSN 3396 IB Internship;
  • Completing BUSN 3363 IB Research.

For more information about the IB Summer School, please contact Prof. Deli Yang, Head of International Business Program, at dyang [at]