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Majors & Minors

Drawing faculty from numerous academic departments on campus, the program provides students a thorough examination of the many disciplines and issues involved in urban studies. The urban studies major offers four concentrations, each of which requires a methods class, an internship, and a senior research seminar.


Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies

The urban studies major is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the global phenomenon of urbanization. Students choose from one of four concentrations:

  • Urban design prepares students for graduate programs in urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture, and for careers in planning, building, and design.
  • Urban environment is intended for students seeking an interdisciplinary approach to the environmental issues that arise in urban areas. It leads to graduate programs in environmental studies and public policy and to careers in environmental analysis and policy.
  • Urban issues and policy prepares students for graduate programs in public policy, social work, many of the social sciences and for careers in non-profit organizations, education, government, and consulting.
  • Urban management is intended for students who wish to pursue graduate study in public administration and careers in city governance and management.


Minor in Urban Studies

The urban studies minor requires completion of 18 semester hours of urban studies courses, including The Urban Experience. At least 9 hours must be from upper division courses.