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Tiger Droppings have arrived!

Students have put their entrepreneurial skills to work with the latest Trinity startup: Tiger Droppings. The first drone delivery service approved by the FDA, CIA, FAA, USDA, IRS, FBI, and USMC, Tiger Droppings allows people to send and deliver droppings of any size, all without leaving the comfort of their home, community park, office, or residence halls. The community can use Tiger Droppings for anything from filing taxes, to ordering some midnight munchies, to transporting a beloved pet or a best friend. Can you smell the possibilities?

About Tiger Droppings

From small to large, the possibilities are endless with the latest company developed by Trinity University students in the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The company, Tiger Droppings, is the first of its kind: approved by the FDA, CIA, FAA, USDA, IRS, FBI, and USMC, this revolutionary service allows people to both send and receive "droppings" via drone. The Tiger Droppings team, comprised of a dynamic group of four students, battled through hours of ideation sessions, drone mishaps, and yes, tears.

Co-founder Charlie Wagner ‘16 recalls the moment he realized there could be a market for a drone delivery service. "While studying for midterms, my pet flying squirrel was up to his usual antics of escaping and staying out all night," says Wagner. "I realized if I had a drone at my fingertips, I could go retrieve my squirrel, Sir Charles, and bring him home before his curfew."

After assembling the team of four, the deluge of ideas and Red Bull just wouldn't stop. #CantStopWontStop. "We just wanted to make people's lives easier. Imagine being able to send a drone to turn in that homework assignment," says engineering science student Liz Metzger '19. "Or, being able to receive a quick Tiger Dropping snack through your sunroof on your commute home."

Tiger Droppings has successfully designed and tested two models. The team fondly calls the smallest of their drones "droppings pequeño" and their octocopter drone "Rajah" after the tiger in Disney’s Aladdin. Each drone has been calibrated to carry loads as light as a feather and ones weighing 500 lbs.

The team credits the mentorship of professor Luis Martinez, director of the Center, for his endless support, beta testing, and desire to see Tiger Droppings brought to San Antonio.

Are you ready San Antonio?

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