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Pathways: the Trinity curriculum

At Trinity University, bright students are challenged and supported in a community that encourages pathways to discovery. Inspiring critical thinking, curiosity, and multi-disciplinary insight, the University is committed to ensuring that all Trinity undergraduate degrees represent a liberal arts education.

Pathways: the Trinity curriculum

Pathways has six curricular requirements that provide the foundation in the liberal arts and sciences for all the bachelor's degrees awarded by Trinity University.

  • The First Year Experience
  • Approaches to Creation and Analysis
  • The Core Capacities
  • The Interdisciplinary Cluster
  • The Major
  • Fitness Education

Three optional curricular elements can further enrich a Trinity education.

  • Experiential Learning
  • Minors
  • A Second Major

Students are especially encouraged to include the experiential learning element in their curricula.

Academic Integrity

Academic Honor Code

Trinity students are trusted and expected to be honest in their academic work. Trinity's student-initiated Academic Honor Code is a respect campus tradition that maintains the integrity of academic work. All first-year students sign a pledge to the Honor Code during Welcome Week as a symbol of their commitment to uphold it.

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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook can help answer some of your questions about policies and academic integrity.

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