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Pathways: Requirements

Through six curricular requirements, students acquire the necessary skills and disciplinary perspectives to navigate complex questions at Trinity and in their post-graduate lives.

The First Year Experience →

Through extensive engagement in a topic of widespread or enduring significance, the First Year Experience (FYE) is designed for students to analyze sophisticated texts and ideas.

Approaches to Creation and Analysis →

In order to master the skills of analysis, research, and creation, students should demonstrate the ability to use disciplinary approaches characteristic of the humanties, arts & creative disciplines, social and behavorial sciences, natural sciences, and quantitative disciplines.

The Core Capacities →

Trinity students are lifelong learners, supported by effective communication skills, digital literacy, and engaged and global citizenship.

The Interdisciplinary Clusters →

Students should demonstrate the ability to explore a complex subject of enduring or contemporary significance by employing multiple disciplinary methods.

The Major →

Majors provide for in-depth study of a field of specialization. Students may elect multiple disciplinary majors or construct a second, interdisciplinary major in consultation with their advisers.

Fitness Education →

Students should possess basic knowledge, understanding, or skills that will help them to make good decisions relating to health throughout their lives.