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Study Abroad

Study Abroad is not about travel. It's really about encountering the world, and even more about discovering your own country and yourself. Ready to start the process? Visit our office page

Travel is a part of it, of course. However, the people you meet, the ideas you discover, and the glimpses you get into other ways of living and thinking are the best of it.

It's part adventure and part quest, and it's always more than you expected. If you commit yourself to the learning, you will open doors and windows you never knew existed and, once opened, they won't close.

If you want to make that commitment, we can help you. Studying Abroad is a process of going abroad, studying abroad, and returning from abroad, and the Trinity program is designed to support you at each step.

Because the world is becoming increasingly interdependent and borderless due to technological advances and an integrated, global economy, Trinity University believes studying abroad is an important key to the future success of today's college student.