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Senior & Student Giving

By making a gift to Trinity, current students have the ability to create an immediate and positive impact more than ever before. Gifts to Trinity create change and opportunities for all students, right here on campus and starting today.

Current students are part of a long line of Tigers who have invested in making the community and opportunities present on campus today available to all. With a gift to the University current students can pay it forward to future Tigers as well, ensuring their experiences and the opportunities open to them are continued into the future. 

The Trinity University Student Ambassadors (TUSA) as well as the Senior Legacy Committee (SLC) work to increase knowledge and activity  regarding philanthropy on campus and continue a culture of giving.

Students writing their names on bricks

5 Reasons to give

Make a difference for future Tigers with a legacy of giving.

Over 90% of Trinity students receive some form of scholarship or financial aid. A gift of any size can help a future Trinity Tiger enjoy the same resources and create the same lifelong memories that make every student proud to wear maroon.

Tuition leaves a gap donors help fill

Tuition and fees only cover about 2/3rds (64%) of the true cost of attending Trinity, even for those paying full tuition. That means the rest of the cost is covered by the endowment, grants, and donations from our alumni, parents and community members.

Small gifts have a big impact.

Over the past 4 years students have made over 1,400 gifts to scholarships, campus orgs, departments, athletic teams and research. In the process they were able to raise almost $25,000 directly impacting and supporting the areas they love most on campus.

Participation matters.

As a Tiger you’ve been a part of something bigger than yourself. The same is true for your gift. More than just dollars, all participation matters! Gifts from students and alumni help boost Trinity’s reputation and national rankings, in turn helping to boost the value of your degree after graduation.

Give back to what you love.

The Trinity journey is marked by milestones in and out of the classroom. Whether you found your passion behind a desk, in a campus org, in a lab or on the IM field, you can support what matters the most to you with a gift. You can make your gift to anywhere on campus as a way to say “Thank You!”.

Make your Gift Today!

Senior Legacy Committee

For almost 30 years the Senior Legacy Committee has helped build a culture of giving at Trinity by encouraging graduating seniors to begin giving back to the University as part of their transition into life as alumni.

In pursuit of this goal, the committee works to:

  • Promote the importance of philanthropy at large and continue the culture of giving at Trinity
  • Solicit graduating seniors for gifts to Trinity to pay it forward for future Tigers
  • Connect students to Trinity as they become alumni

Students celebrating LeeRoy's birthday

As a senior, your class gift will help continue the Trinity tradition of paying it forward to ensure the best and brightest can be at Trinity and thrive at Trinity, just as many have done before you. Your gift can help ensure all Tigers enjoy the same world-class experience that you received. By giving to Trinity, you can show that you value not only the degree you’ve earned, but the life changing experiences you’ve encountered over the last four years.

Seniors who make a gift of at least $20.20 will have the opportunity to sign a brick in Murchison Tower during Senior Week. Your climb up the Tower and leaving your literal mark is a full circle from your climb as an incoming freshman student four years ago.

Students interested in giving can go to at any point in the school year.

Questions? Contact the Trinity University Student Ambassadors at Ambassadors [at]