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Chapters & Network Cities

Around the nation, Trinity alumni chapters serve as your connection to the University. Chapter gatherings and events encourage alumni networking and Tiger pride in cities and areas across the United States. 

Is there an alumni chapter near you? Join thousands of alumni nationwide in volunteering and networking with local alumni. There are chapters and Network Cities throughout the United States. If you would like to be involved in chapter activities or to serve on the Board of your local chapter, please contact the respective chapter presidents.

Interested in connecting with Trinity alumni in areas not currently reached by alumni chapters? Contact Christine Martinez, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, at cmartin6 [at] or 210-999-8405 to plan an event in your city.

Trinity Alumni Chapters and Networks

Trinity University Alumni
A Public Group

Albuquerque Chapter
Sal Perdomo '13, salvatorperdomo [at]

Arizona Chapter
Arizona [at]
Tara Zoellner '01, tzoellner [at]

Atlanta Chapter
Atlanta [at]
Jeff Winland '97, jeff.winland [at]

Austin Chapter
Austin [at]
Carolyn Roark '95, roarkcd [at]

Bay Area Chapter
thebayarea [at]
Brittney Elko '08, Brittney.Elko [at]

Charlottesville, VA Network
Allison Wright '01, allisonwright27 [at]

Chicago Chapter
Chicago [at]
Julianne Hatfield '07, jkhatfield [at]
Melissa Zeman '07, mharmany [at]

Cleveland, OH Network
Tim Gibbons '85, tfgibbons [at]

Colorado Springs Network  
Co-chair: Brianna Tammaro '13, brianna.tammaro [at] ( )
Co-chair: Kim Newberry '93, kdnwbrry [at]

Columbus, OH Network
Duane Weaver '79, dweav1265 [at]

Dallas Chapter
Dallas [at]
Hannah Thai Tupper '10,'13, hthaitupper [at]

Denver Chapter 
Colorado [at]
Bob Trigg '86, bob [at] 

Central Florida Network
Matt Giles '07, mggiles [at]

Fort Worth Chapter
ftworth [at]
Lindsay Landgraf Hess '11, lindsaylhess [at]

Greater Los Angeles Chapter
LosAngeles [at]
Karen Fisher '10, karenfisher17 [at]

Houston Chapter
Houston [at]
Karyn Hall '11, karynhall814 [at]

Kansas City, MO Network 
Bill Keith '08, bill.r.keith [at]
Charles Joseph '84, charlesejoseph [at]

Nashville, TN Network 
Vacant - if interested, please email cmartin6 [at]

National Capital Area Chapter
NationalCapitalArea [at]
Avantika Krishna '15, avakrish [at]
Sarah Causer '11, sarah.causer1 [at]

New England Chapter
NewEngland [at]
Laura Smeaton '92, laurasmeaton [at]

New York Chapter
NewYork [at]
Helen Harris '92, HHarris10 [at]

North Carolina Network​ 
John Papazian ’04, john.papazian [at]
Anthony Rodriguez ’05, ajrodrig [at]

Oklahoma City Chapter
OklahomaCity [at]
Emily Bowlby '05, emily.bowlby [at]
Jenny Richard '97, jennyarichard [at]

Portland Chapter
Portland [at]
Leslie Wilkins ‘06, namroxx [at]

Rio Grande Valley Network
Josh Yost '96, jyost1 [at]

San Antonio Chapter  
SanAntonio [at]
Derick Rodgers '92, drodgers [at]

San Diego Chapter
Megan McClurg '98, meganalysa [at]

Seattle Chapter
Seattle [at]
Erin Perry '06, erincrosbyperry [at]

St. Louis Chapter
StLouis [at]
Allison Hawk '88, P '19 allison [at]

Tulsa, OK Network 
Jaclyn Metcalf '08, jaclyn.metcalf [at]
Alexa Harrison Maloney '12, alexanharrison [at]
Jason Maloney '11, jason-maloney [at]

West Texas -- Amarillo Network
Chair: to be announced

West Texas -- Abilene Network
Jed Crowe '85, jed [at] ( )

West Texas -- Lubbock Network
Co-chair: Caroline Kopp '79, caroline.kopp [at]
Co-chair: Lindsay Bean '09, '11, lindsay.b.bean [at]

West Texas -- Midland -- Odessa Network
Co-chair: Sara Burleson '81, saraburleson4 [at]
Co-chair: Shelby Landgraf '07, shelbyllandgraf [at]