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Alumni Awards

The Trinity University Alumni Association recognizes outstanding achievement by awarding the Distinguished Alumni Award, the Outstanding Young Alumni Award, the Spirit of Trinity Award, and the Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Adviser of the Year Award. Additionally, future alumni will be recognized for their contributions to the community through the Heart of Trinity Award and for their promise of future leadership as an alumnus/a through the Tigers on the Rise Award. Learn more about how to nominate a fellow Tiger below.

Outstanding Young Alumni & Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Adviser Winners

2018-2019 Distinguished Alumnus and Spirit of Trinity Awardee

We're now seeking nominations for 2018-2019. '17-'18 has been decided. Please click on the links below if you would like to complete a nomination form for one of these prestigious awards.

The Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest award presented by the Trinity University Alumni Association. Candidates will have distinguished themselves through personal or professional achievement, must have attended or graduated from Trinity at least 16 years ago, and may not be current members of the Alumni Association Board. Submit your nomination.

The Outstanding Young Alumni Award is given to young alumni whose achievements in their profession or chosen field and/or in service to the community set a standard of excellence worthy of recognition by the University and the Alumni Association. Nominees must be Trinity alumni and have graduated within the past 15 years. Submit your nomination.

The Tower 5 Award is recognizes alumni within 10 years of graduation who have maintained a commitment to remaining connected and improving their alma mater. Selected winners will have made significant contributions to their field/profession or the Trinity/greater community. Successful nominations should include a review of how the alumnus/a has maintained a connection with the University and has served as an example of how to transition into life after graduation. Submit your nomination.

The Tigers on the Rise Award is awarded to five future alumni who are committed to being stewards of Trinity University through leadership and service and are dedicated to paying it forward to those students who come after them. Award winners will exhibit strong leadership and organizational skills, be stewards of the Trinity University brand on and off campus, show potential to become leading alumni by staying engaged with the Trinity community through opportunities to serve on boards and planning committees, a desire to pay it forward to future Tigers using any combination of their time, talent, and treasure. A call for nominations will be sent out in December 2018. Contact Katie Storey (cstorey1 [at] for more information. Nominations closed for 2019 and will reopen in early Spring 2020.

The Spirit of Trinity Award is to be given to a loyal alumnus/a who embodies what it means to be a Trinitonian. The award recognizes exceptional service to the community or University. The Alumnus/a will have made a significant contribution to volunteer or professional organizations. The alumnus/a will demonstrate the attributes of Trinity's liberal arts education; exhibiting creativity, purposefulness and a commitment to improving the quality of their community. This award need not be awarded every year. Submit your nomination.

Fraternity/Sorority Life Alumni Adviser of the Year Award is to recognize outstanding service to a Trinity University fraternity or sorority by an alumnus/na who has served in an advisory capacity. All alumni advisers are eligible for this award (regardless of when he/she served in this role). Award criterion is simple: significant interaction and support of the undergraduate members of a fraternity/sorority organization. Submit your nomination.

Please click on the Nomination Form Link if you would like to nominate someone and submit your completed nomination form. Nominations will be kept for 7 years at which time you will need to renew your nomination.

Alumni Awards

Recipients of The Distinguished Alumni Award

1961 William Lester Jordan '26
1962 Joseph Guilford Terry '12
1964 Ilion T. Jones '13
1965 John N. Shell '24
1966 William H. Gray '22
1966 Hughie Florence Call '09
1967 Neil E. Rigler '30
1967 John Preston Comer '07
1968 Mattie Laughter Camp '14
1968 Herbert C. Petry, Jr. '36
1969 J. Hoytt Boles '29
1970 Edwin L. Harding '21
1970 Fred A. Chapman '10
1971 J. Bliss Norton '27
1972 William F. McCurdy '38
1974 John Harold Moore '28
1975 John R. Silber '47
1976 Joseph Gravitt Armstrong '65
1976 Tod Pazdral '28
1977 Paige K. Besch '56
1978 Paul Baker '33
1986 Jack L. Stotts '54
1987 Robert S. McClane '61
1988 Thomas S. Matney '49
1989 Herbert H. Reynolds '52
1990 William K. Suter '59
1991 James F. Dicke II '68
1992 James W. Jones IV '67
1993 John O. Chapman, Jr. '49
1993 Clyde J. and Ruby Wilson Verheyden '32
1994 Fred W. Starks '43
1994 Daniel C. Morales '78
1995 Douglas D. Hawthorne '69 and '72
1995 David J. Straus '44
1996 Walter R. Huntley, Jr. 71 and '73
1997 Naomi Shihab Nye '74
1998 Houston R. Wheeler '41
1998 George Hixon '64
1999 Raymond Judd, Jr. '56
2000 Louise Locker '71
2001 John Igo '48
2001 John Cornyn '71
2002 Belle S. Wheelan '72
2003 James T. Hill '68
2005 Cecil Hale '38
2005 David Weekley '75
2006 Linda Pace '80
2007 Stephen G. Jennings '68
2008 Mark W. Kline '79
2009 Melody Boone Meyer '79
2010 Leo Sayavedra '61
2011 Stephen Butt '77
2012 Robert Holleyman '76
2013 Kevin Bergner '79
2014 Thomas Wilbanks '60
2015 John Thornton '87
2016 Michael McCaul '84
2017 Elisa Massimino '82
2018 Jacqueline E. Claunch ’66
2019 Denny Marie Post '78

Recipients of The Outstanding Young Alumni Award

2002 Angie Bryan '91
2003 Daniel Lubetzky '90
2004 Todd Farha '90
2005 Steven Swoap '90
2007 Anthony Barrese '97
2008 Ana Unruh Cohen '96
2009 Tess Coody-Anders '93
2010 Mark Larson '97, '98, '02
2011 Sheridan Chambers '97
2012 Dirk Elmendorf '97
2014 Alyson Rose-Wood '03
2015 Rebecca Avitia '03
2016 Chris Newport '08
2017 Susan Todd '05
2018 Christopher Helfrich '03
2019 Simran Jeet Singh '06

Recipients of The Spirit of Trinity Award

2002 John H. Moore III '60
2003 Virginia Duff '42
2005 Tim Derk '79
2006 James Potter '63 and '67
2007 Mary Jane Judd '57
2008 Erich Menger, III ''66
2009 Beverly Watts Davis '79
2010 Carol Casler '67
2011 Ken Smith '65
2012 Glenna McCord '47
2014 Jin In '95
2015 Lucia Street '59
2016 Ben White '51 (posthumously awarded)
2017 Kay S. Jordan '64
2018 Dave ’76 and Carol '83 Mansen
2019 Bonnie Flake '77

Recipients of the Fraternity & Sorority Adviser of the Year Award

2015 Jeanne McGee Culver '82
2016 John Mace '71
2017 Amy Turlington Chambers '89
2018 Drew Mallender '89
2019 Lindsay Anhold Lew '1997