Andrew Kania, Ph.D. | Trinity University
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Andrew Kania, Ph.D.

"Philosophy of the arts, like much philosophy, is a truly interdisciplinary field - to do it well you not only need to be a good philosopher (that is, a clear thinker), you also need an intimate knowledge of the art you're thinking about. Fortunately, many people already have an intimate knowledge of one art or another, as audience members if nothing else, so the challenge is to think clearly about something you usually simply enjoy, albeit often passionately."

- Andrew Kania, Ph.D.

I grew up making music - playing the violin and singing, mostly - but I also loved trying to think clearly about difficult philosophical questions - whether God exists, how you could know whether your experience was like anyone else's, and so on. One day I took a philosophy of art course, and realized I could combine these two passions. I've been trying to share that experience ever since.


Community Service and Involvement

I am actively involved in campus activities concerning gender and sexual assault.