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Carolyn Becker, Ph.D.

"My greatest joy as a professor at Trinity comes from working side by side with my students on meaningful research projects. I truly love getting to integrate my teaching and research on a daily basis."

- Carolyn Becker, Ph.D.

Professor Carolyn Becker is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders and the use of exposure therapy to treat posttraumatic stress disorder and other anxiety disorders.

The primary focus of her teaching, research, and clinical work is the implementation of scientifically supported prevention and treatment interventions in clinical and real world settings. She teaches a range of courses related to clinical psychology and regularly involves Trinity psychology students as research collaborators. In 2012,  Becker was awarded the Z.T. Scott Faculty Fellowship for excellence in teaching and advising.

Becker has systematically collaborated with the local sororities at Trinity University in studying strategies to improve body image and prevent eating disorders. One extension of this work has been the development of the United Kingdom-based Succeed: Body Image Program, which is now being deployed nationally in the UK by the Succeed Foundation. In addition, Becker has partnered with the department of athletics in the creation of the Female Athlete Body Project. This research has been funded by two grants from the National Institute of Health.

Selected Publications

Community Service & Involvement

Becker provides consultation to the Eating Disorders Center of San Antonio (EDCASA). She also regularly works with Studio A Pilates. An active pilates enthusiast, Becker and Studio A work to promote the practice of fitness without fat talk. Becker, EDCASA and Studio A have also begun pilot work to investigate a new body image program for adult women of all ages based on her work with university women.