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From 1869 to 2019 – A Celebration in the Making

Friday, December 22, 2017
Images of the three campuses of Trinity in Tehucana, Waxahacie, and Woodlawn

Three of Trinity's early campuses, from left, in Tehuacana, Waxahachie, and Woodlawn.

Year-long commemoration of University's founding, success will span 2019

by Sharon Jones Schweitzer '75

Trinity is already making plans to celebrate the University’s 150th anniversary. Originally founded in 1869 in Tehuacana, Texas, Trinity’s storied journey has survived three moves and numerous financial crises. A year-long celebration will span the 2019 year and include new and traditional University events.

“We can all take great pride in the educational excellence that is associated with the Trinity of today. However, there is tremendous value in connecting with the University’s history and heritage that have made it possible for us to reach this significant point in Trinity’s journey,” said Trinity President Danny Anderson.

A steering committee, led by education professor Angela Breidenstein ’91,‘92 and Hugh Daschbach ’95, senior director of Alumni Relations, is already at work on the planning. “The University’s accomplishments and those of generations of our graduates are worth noting in an authentic and celebratory way,” said co-chair Breidenstein. “Our goal is to see as many people as possible engaged in the planning, preparation, and celebration in a way that strengthens the Trinity community,” said Daschbach.

Alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to share ideas for commemorating the University’s 150th anniversary by leaving comments at this website. Trinity’s year-long Sesquicentennial celebration will include many opportunities to take pride in Trinity’s history and traditions, celebrate the present, and build excitement around the journey into the University’s future.

150th Anniversary Steering Committee:

Kimberly Anderson - President's Office

Michelle Bartonico ’08 - Director, Strategic Communications and Marketing

Angela Breidenstein ’91,’92  co-chair, Professor, Department of Education

Hugh Daschbach ’95, co-chair, Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Marshall Hess ’88, Trustee liaison, Board of Trustee

Carey Latimore, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of History

Paul McGinlay, Head Men's Soccer Coach

James Sanders ’98, Alumnus, President of the Alumni Association Board

Nick Santulli ’18, Student, Former SGA President

Eric Schluter ’16, Alumnus

Sharon Jones Schweitzer ’75, Assistant Vice President, External Relations

Dante Suarez, Associate Professor, Finance and Decision Sciences

Doug Brackenridge, advisor to the committee, Professor Emeritus of Religion and University Historian

Sharon Jones Schweitzer is assistant vice president for External Relations. You can follow her @sjschweitzer.