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Around the World in (less than) 80 Days

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
collage of students studying abroad

Trinity faculty engage in meaningful research and exploration through this summer’s faculty-led study abroad programs

by Kale Ridge ’21

Trinity University’s international reach is on full display as the University’s summer study abroad program has begun and Trinity students and faculty have arrived at their foreign destinations. Trinity offered six faculty-led study abroad programs facilitated by 10 Trinity faculty members, ranging from Japan to Spain and various places in between.

students posing in china

Chinese Ecological Civilization

Juhai, China

Jonathan King (Biology) and Stephen Field (Modern Languages and Literatures)

In partnership with Trinity’s sister school and China’s first liberal arts college, the United International College, Jonathan King, Ph.D, and Stephen Field, Ph.D., are leading a group of students who will learn alongside Chinese students in the classroom, in the field, and then back on Trinity’s campus. Through this environmental studies field school experience, students study Chinese ecology in the midst of a unique region across the Hong Kong bay. The program is co-taught by Trinity’s Fall 2018 International Scholar in Residence, Siu-tai Tsim.

students in berlin

Global City Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Peter O’Brien (Political Science)

Peter O’Brien, Ph.D., is leading a group of students in Berlin, Germany, as they study the effects of globalization on the contemporary world. Under O’Brien’s tutelage Trinity students will study how large-scale immigration, in particular, has brought together people of diverse nationalities, languages, religions, races and cultures who in earlier times would most likely not have inhabited the same space in order to better understand the modern disruption of the nation-state model via extensive ethnic and religious diversity.

building in berlin

Trinity in Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Stacey Connelly (Human Communication and Theatre)

Led by Stacey Connelly, Ph.D., this new summer program allows students to spend seven weeks studying and traveling to multiple cities in Germany. Over the seven weeks students will visit locations in Germany, Munich, and Dresden as well as take trips to castles and other interesting locations around the country. The inaugural program in Germany may offer four to five courses in biology, business, economics, entrepreneurship, history and theater, as well as Pathways requirements.

Madrid Summer Internship

Madrid, Spain

Katsuo Nishikawa-Chavez (International Engagement)

The Madrid Summer Internship Program led by Katsuo Nishikawa-Chavez, Ph.D., is a six-week program to live, work, and study in Madrid, Spain. Launched in 2005, the course known as “The Spanish Economy and the European Union” appeals to students seeking degrees in Spanish, business administration, or economics. While studying abroad students have a programed activity every weekend that will allow them to visit locations around Spain including places such as Malaga, Salamanca, and Toledo.

Trinity Shanghai Summer Program

Beijing – Shanghai, China

Mario Gonzalez-Fuentes (School of Business), Bladimir Ruiz (Modern Languages and Literatures), Tianxi Dong (School of Business), and Rosana Blanco-Cano (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Held on the campus of China’s No. 3-ranked Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Trinity’s Shanghai summer program includes two weeks of daily lectures covering diverse topics relevant to the political and economic relationship between the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America. Led by professors Mario Gonzalez-Fuentes, Bladimir Ruiz, Tianxi Dong, and Rosana Blanco-Cano students will be required to complete an intensive course with masters students from Jiaotong University which will be followed up with an internship at various prestigious international companies.

students jumping in japan

Trinity in Japan

Kobe, Japan

Diana Young (School of Business)

Since June, Trinity students have been studying the nuances of contemporary Japanese society, business economy, politics, and cultural traditions in Kobe, Japan under the guidance of Diana Young, Ph.D. Partnered with Trinity’s sister school, Kwansei Gakuin University, students studying in Japan will participate in classes with Kwansei Gakuin students. Outside of the classroom students will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and meet a survivor of the attack, participate in a Zen meditation at a temple, visit a Toyota factory, go to a baseball game, as well as visit Kyoto and Nara.

Elsewhere around the globe, many more Trinity faculty and students are busy with creative research and other field work. Check out Trinity's Instagram (@TrinityU) and Snapchat for regular stories and takeovers, and watch these groups’ journeys this summer.

Kale Ridge is the writing intern for the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing and a rising junior pursuing a history major with the intent to study law after completing his bachelor's at Trinity University. He can be reached via email at kridge [at]