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Friday, July 1, 2016

This grad loved Trinity so much that she came back following time spent in the volatile Middle East.

by Donna Parker

Jasmeen Waliany, who received a degree in political science from Trinity in 2006, might be new to her position as Director of the Alumni and Admissions Network for Trinity University, but she's not short on enthusiasm for engaging alumni volunteers through recruiting prospective students. Jasmeen is focused on harnessing the expertise of former graduates through Trinity University's admissions process.

"Admissions counselors travel quite a bit and cannot be at each and every college fair, I'm connecting alumni interested in assisting us with admissions work," explains Jasmeen.

"Who knows better the advantages of a Trinity education than those of us who experienced everything this campus has to offer? We are our own best ambassadors."

Jasmeen stays busy adding not only members but structure to the Recruitment Network program composed of alumni volunteers. She begins by showing them the ropes, including the opportunity to shadow the admissions counselors or volunteer in other arenas, such as in-home receptions or as an interviewer.

"We identify skillsets. As long as everyone is aligned with Trinity's core principles, there are numerous opportunities to draw success."

Jasmeen is glad to be back at home in more ways than one. Prior to this post, she was living in Egypt and working for an international NGO (non-governmental organization), the Aga Khan Foundation.

"While there, I served as the resource mobilization director, establishing partnerships with corporations, foundations, and government agencies," says Jasmeen.

"Then the revolution happened. I left planning to return when it was safer."

She and a friend flew to Morocco with very few personal items, intending to stay for a few days until things cooled down. They didn't and Jasmeen found herself on a plane for New York, being evacuated out of Morocco.

"I landed at JFK Airport with only my backpack. It was truly unsettling, difficult and hard on me to come back the way that I did. But life goes on and I stay in touch with close friends in Egypt via modern technology."

"When I came home to Austin this spring, I reached out and connected with Mike Bacon '89 who does non-profit consulting. That same night on an Internet job search, I discovered the open position at Trinity. When I ran into another fellow alumnus, Byron French '02, at a happy hour, he told me how much he loved working at Trinity in the Development Office. I applied and was appointed to my current position in July."

"I still miss Egypt very much, especially the beaches, nightlife and just walking around but I'm adapting," laughs Jasmeen, who has cable TV for the first time in a long time.

But most of her spare time is spent in service to her faith community. She says it's her responsibility, not an obligation, to assist in the greater good.

"It is so great to be back on campus, too. This is where my interest in the Middle East region was nurtured. The teachings of Professors Mary Ann Tetreault, department of political science, and David Lesch, department of history, sparked quite an interest in me."

"It feels right being here, although sometimes it feels like a time warp," laughs Jasmeen.

"Now, I'm creating new memories and encouraging all alumni to lend a hand in bringing more students to Trinity so that they can enjoy the campus and secure their professional foundation much as we did."

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