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Fit for Leadership

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From playing on the Trinity basketball team to now running a college athletic department, this graduate has landed her dream position.

by Donna Parker

Portia Lowe Hoeg received a degree in marketing from Trinity in 2001. Ever since, Portia has hopscotched across the U.S. before being recruited as the director of athletics and recreation for Allegheny College in Pennsylvania.

"I love it here!" says an enthusiastic Portia. "This was a great opportunity to take my career to the next level and it instantly felt like the right fit. I've prepared for this my whole professional life and feel so welcomed by my colleagues on campus." 

An avid athlete herself, Portia played on the Trinity basketball team and although she didn't realize it at the time, was learning the life lessons that would provide an assist in her new role as athletic director. 
"When I was at Trinity, I identified as a student athlete, first and foremost. It was on the basketball team that we were taught time management, team dynamics, conflict resolution, and working toward a common goal. Those lessons are so useful as I now guide these students toward their career and life goals."

"Coupled with what I learned in my business courses about public speaking and writing, Trinity fully prepared me to lead the athletics department here at Allegheny." 

Portia still works out on a regular basis and stays the most active on this sprawling campus by running from task to task - managing intramurals, club sports to general recreation and fitness. 

"It's so pretty here, thought. This campus is beautiful with its red brick buildings, cobblestone between the streets and green hills. Plus, the athletic facilities are offsite," she laughs, adding a few more strides to her day.

Weekends with her husband, Josh, center on sports, as well. The two frequently watch football together with their dog, Calo, named after the restaurant in Chicago where the couple met while Portia served as assistant athletic director at Lake Forest.

"It was during my time at Trinity that I discovered business and sports are a good fit. Through my business class, I worked an internship with the San Antonio Sports Foundation and just fell in love! William Burke, department of business administration, and my adviser, is really the one who steered me into my life's work. Trinity was so unique and offered so much. I really connected with Char Miller, department of history, whom I had for African American Studies."

"Two of my closest Trinity friends were my bridesmaids. Mostly, we all just had a great time in school! We lived in Lightner and enjoyed silly fun things like dunking each other in the fountain on our birthdays. We didn't have cars, so we made our own fun."

"Once I finished school, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and set up to pursue this line of work. I've moved around a lot - to Georgia, Massachusetts and now Pennsylvania, just following the opportunities...and fortunately, right now I'm living the dream." 

You may contact Portia at phoeg [at]