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“Innovators, Creators, Givers of Time and Talent”

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
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Trinity recognizes exceptional students for leadership and service

by Brooke Yung '20

Whether on campus or at home, Trinity University continues to celebrate its students’ indefatigable dedication to leadership and service. Every year the Division of Student Life collaborates with the Office of Alumni Relations to recognize outstanding students for their service to the campus and greater San Antonio communities. While social distancing measures prevented the March awards ceremony from proceeding as scheduled, Vice President for Student Life Sheryl Tynes and Trinity President Danny Anderson brought the celebration to honorees’ screens and doorsteps. 

“This is an unprecedented time in the history of our country, and leadership like yours is the thing that makes a difference,” Anderson tells award recipients over an emailed recording. “You are innovators, creators, givers of time and talent...you make Trinity vibrant and unique, and we are grateful for the contributions that you make.” As thanks for these numerous and profound contributions to the campus community, honorees received a package containing their physical award, a ceremony program, and a personal letter from Dr. Tynes. 

“We realize that nothing can replace the kind of in-person ceremony we had hoped to have on our campus,” Anderson says. “But we could not let this moment go by without trying to create a very special moment for you.” In that spirit of celebration, here are the 2020 honorees for Trinity’s Student Leadership and Service Awards:

The Roman M. Lubetzky KINDness Award

The Roman M. Lubetzky Endowment Fund for Kindness seeks to encourage the attributes of kindness and noble behavior among Trinity students. As the most prestigious of the Student Leadership commendations, this award recognizes a student who embodies the virtues of kindness and scholarship. Congratulations to Rachel Ann Thomas Poovathoor for making the campus community a brighter place!

Presidential Awards of Excellence 

This award is given to senior students in recognition of their long-term commitment and extensive, multi-role involvement in the community. Congratulations to Enrique Alcoreza, Benjamin Forrest Brody, Victoria Brown, Cameron Dalton Carlin, Ariana Fletcher-Bai, Benjamin C. Gonzalez, Maggi Danielle Linker, Manveena K. Singh, Adam C. Toler, and Madeleine Walshak for their steadfast service!

Dr. Coleen Grissom Continued Commitment & Dedication Award 

This award recognizes students who have made substantive contributions to their communities through long-term service and depth of involvement. Congratulations to Kathleen Creedon, Ry Nicole Eskridge, Logan Andrea Felton, Briahn A. Hawkins, Ciara Siobhán McDaniel, Alexander Motter, Brianna Ratliff, and Abigail Posadas Torres for their remarkable dedication!

Thurman Adkins “Unsung Hero” Award 

This award recognizes students who have demonstrated loyalty and unselfish devotion to their communities through significant, yet uncelebrated contributions. Congratulations to Lilian E. De La Rosa, Savannah Hooper, Carmen Johnson, Gina Marie Monaco, and Logan Muzyka for going above and beyond to create change for its own sake! 

Emerging Student Leader Award 

This award recognizes a first-year, sophomore, or transfer student who has demonstrated significant potential for success through community involvement and exploration of the unfamiliar. Congratulations to Andrew Barber and Mai Vo Phuong Ngoc for creating opportunity for personal and communal growth!

Diversity & Inclusion Award 

This award recognizes students who have actively broken down barriers and constructed a socially just space in their community. Congratulations to Kirsten S. Iyare and Runyu Li for building more equitable and inclusive environments!

Tigers on the Rise

This award recognizes five future alumni who are committed to being stewards of Trinity University through leadership and engagement on and off campus. Congratulations to Lilian E. De La Rosa, Meghan N. Desai, Erin C. Eckert, Joshua Kim, and Rojan Shrestha for improving the University now and in the future!

Heart of Trinity Student Service Award

This award recognizes senior students who cultivate lifelong bonds among current students and the campus community through service and initiative. Congratulations to Brian R. Guerrero, Sara Heridia, Jonah Nance, and Maria Alejandra Torres for promoting enduring relationships!

Check out @trinityu and #trinitytraditions on Instagram to see some of the honorees and their awards.