Prepared to Lead

From home court to the classroom, Trinity student-athletes use teamwork and training to develop as leaders and mentors, both on and off the field. Read More.

A Challenging & Supportive Academic Environment

Biology professor Troy Murphy's undergraduate lab group uses RFID tags to study communication patterns of local bird species, gaining a feel for animal network connectivity and social conflict resolution. Read More.

Engaged with the World

The Asian Sub-continental Association and the Hindu Student Union perform at Diwali, the festival of lights—one of the many diverse, cultural performances that happen annually on campus. Read More.

A Community of Discovery & Growth

In collaboration with the San Antonio Museum of Art, a Trinity chemistry research team examines a marble sculpture for traces of ancient surface pigments and other decorations. Read More.

A Big Small University

Theatre students have "Magic to Do" in the opening number of Pippin, the Musical. At Trinity, students have the opportunity to participate in mainstage productions, learn from guest artists, and produce their own dramatic works. Read More.

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First Year at Trinity

Trinity has shown me that education goes beyond the classroom, extending into my extra curricular opportunities, my relationships, and even myself. Trinity brings out the best in me.

Bria Woods '16

San Antonio, TX


Bria Woods

About Trinity

Is Trinity for you? If you value very small class sizes, close connections with faculty and fellow students, and a challenging yet supportive academic environment with broad undergraduate research opportunities, it probably is. With 2,353 talented undergraduate and graduate students, the University is known for its stimulating, resourceful, and collaborative environment—in the classroom, on campus, and around the world.

Student Profile


2013 Enrollment


First Years in
Top 20% of Class


Faculty Ratio


Avg. High School







hold PhDs


Year old

Campus Life

Over 100,000

annual hours spent giving back to the community


Acre Campus


Live on Campus

San Antonio


City in the U.S.


Spanish Missions


Miles of Riverwalk
Connect Cultural & Historical Sites

Taco Taco

BEST Tacos
in America

Research at Trinity

I came to Trinity for the personalized contact that wouldn't be present if I'd gone to a bigger school, but I didn't think I would literally get to work one-on-one with a professor. It's great.

Isaiah Ellis '15


Waco, TX

Isaiah Ellis


At Trinity, academic excellence is expected. Trinity students live in an increasingly diverse, interconnected, ever-shrinking world where borders mean less and collaboration, tolerance, and intercultural communication mean more. For these reasons Trinity offers a rigorous yet flexible Common Curriculum enhanced with a wide range of interdisciplinary programs and special opportunities, all of which are designed to provide real world experiences, increase international exposure and understanding, and instill the values required for global citizenship and making a difference.

Graduate Programs

A graduate degree from Trinity University will allow you to achieve your ambitious career goals and make a serious impact on your chosen profession. Trinity has five first-rate programs that integrate conceptual and experiential learning.

Real-life experience along with rigorous curricula has helped Trinity's graduate programs earn national attention.

Second Year at Trinity

Among many reasons, I love Trinity because it allowed me to merge my passion for literature and dedication to the sciences into one career.

Pablo Tarquino '14

Engineering + English

Cali, Colombia

Pablo Tarquino

Admissions & Aid

Could Trinity be right for you? Trinity University seeks to enroll a diverse class of bright, energetic, and engaged students that will take advantage of Trinity’s expert faculty, beautiful campus, first-rate resources and opportunities, and a community focused on their undergraduate education.

To apply to Trinity University, students must complete the Apply Texas or Common Application and submit all of the required documents by one of our corresponding application deadlines. It is free to apply to Trinity if students apply online, and there is no supplement for undergraduate admission.

Applying to Trinity University is easy.

Students must complete their application and submit either the ApplyTexas or Common Application and all required documents by one of our corresponding application deadlines. It is free to apply online and there is no supplement for undergraduate admission.

Visit Common Application to Get StartedVisit ApplyTexas to get started

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Trinity Tigers

I wanted to play baseball, but Trinity's academic reputation brought me from Arizona to Texas. Getting a solid education was the biggest factor in my decision to come to Trinity.

Christian Muscarello '14


Tucson, AZ

Christian Muscarello

Campus Life

Trinity is a place where ideas, passions, and questions can be fully explored. With an overwhelming number of campus clubs and student organizations, you’ll find something for every interest and passion. There’s so much to do, countless opportunities to connect, nourish talents, and serve others. A current student put it best: “Trinity is for students who were over-committed in high school.”

Campus Snapshot

Over 100,000

annual hours spent giving back to the community


Miles to Downtown
San Antonio


Students Play
Intramural Sports

Free Nachos and Agua Fresca

Free Nachos
& Agua Fresca
Every Wednesday

Fourth Year at Trinity

Working for the Spurs reinforced aspects I love about sports: teamwork, trust, passion, hard work and a family environment. It’s prepared me for a fun and fast-paced career path.

Brianna Tammaro '13

Communication + Sport Management

Basketball Communications, Spurs Sports and Entertainment 

Brianna Tammaro


Trinity Athletics provide a finely-tuned mix of intercollegiate, club, intramural, and rec sports so that all students may realize their full potential as students and athletes. We compete in a wide array of DIII sports at a high level, and student participation at all levels is part of the Trinity culture. Our small enrollment means a relatively large percentage of the student body compete at the intercollegiate level.

Alumni from Trinity

After taking classes in political science and Middle East history, I went from wanting to be an academic who studied trends to someone who wanted to influence the policies that shape international relations.

Loren Schulman ’03

Chief of Staff to Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

Loren Schulman