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Department of Computer Science

Trinity's computer science department provides broad training in design, systems, applications, and the theory of computing. Students receive substantial laboratory experience with computers, programming, and other related areas, which provide the knowledge and tools to be successful in both theoretical understandings and applied computing.

Our computing facilities are state of the art, and many of our majors participate in undergraduate research alongside faculty in large-scale scientific simulations, advanced graphics, A.I. and multi-agent systems, parallel computing, and other areas of theoretical computer science. Many students graduate with one or more publications or participate in major software development projects.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in computer science, we also offer computing as a second major, providing an innovative track for students who want a computer science major to complement the interests in their primary discipline. Our department is highly involved in interdisciplinary minors on campus, including linguistics and new media.

Through our rigorous and diverse degree tracks, we provide students with the knowledge and tools to be successful in applying computing in any number of settings in business, industry, and government. We also have created an environment of principles and theoretical understanding so our students are highly successful in furthering their scientific studies in graduate schools.