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The department encourages students to study abroad in order to gain the international perspective that is so important in today's global society. Students are placed internationally based upon their personal and professional goals.

Sarah Davis - Sweden 

Interested in gender studies, sociology major Sarah Davis is learning about the differences between sex work/prostitution and sex trafficking, and how the two are often conflated. She has been looking at the Swedish model of prostitution, and the pros and cons of criminalizing the buyers of sex, rather than those who sell it.

Allyson Walsh - Delphi, Greece

"The picture of me was taken at Delphi in Greece. Studying abroad is an experience like no other and probably one I am going to remember for the rest of my life. As an anthropology major, I look at the experience almost as if I am an ethnographer. It has given me a taste of what it's like to do anthropological fieldwork, having to adjust to a different language and different customs, and even some of the frustration and confusion ethnographers must feel at first.  I love everything about Greece, especially the history, language, and the people. I have experienced the famous hospitality, xenia, of the Greek people and I am so grateful. I've learned so much about the world through traveling, things I could never have learned while sitting in a classroom."

Sarah Warren - Italy

"So far studying abroad has been an amazing experience. This has been especially true for me, as an anthropology major, because I not only get to learn about aspects of another culture, but I do so while immersed in that culture. This has taught me things that I never would have discovered if I had simply read a book. I've mostly been studying Roman archaeology, but it has taught me a lot about why Italians are the way they are.  All in all, it's been an amazing experience and I encourage others to study abroad too."

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